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Flow Settings

This page is introducing flow dependency and paramterization.


Flow can depend on another flow, by flow settings,

Flow Dependency

Loop dependency is not allowed.

Force Dependency

When a flow force depends on another flow,

  • Start step of current flow is ignored
  • End step of depended flow is ignored
  • On record, steps of depended flow are replayed first, then start to record
  • On replay, steps of depended flow are replayed first, then steps of current flow are replayed

A login flow might be depended by many flows.

Data Dependency

When a flow data depends on another flow,

  • Can be multiple
  • Not work on IDE, only works on CI
  • On replay, run after another flow
  • Output parameters from another flow will be passed as input parameters as this flow

Create order flow might be depended by query order flow.


Parameterization is a very important feature of flow.

There are 3 types of parameter:

  • in: as input parameter only
  • out: as output parameter only
  • both: both for input and output parameter

Parameters are defined in parameters dialog,


Input parameter can be used on step,

Parameters In Step

  • By syntax ${}, in this case it is ${searchKey}
  • Multiple parameters for one property is supported, such as ${searchKey1}-${searchKey2}

Only works on value.