Last Hit

Quick-Start Guide

A quick overview of Last-Hit features and a startup example.

Last-Hit is an automation testing solution aimed at development and operations teams. It is focused on web test, gives you broad, deep and exact control over your web apps automation testing.

A quick guide to set up and start your first automation test with last-hit, a free test automation tool built on top of electron and puppeteer. You now can begin automation testing on web & mobile with the least amount of effort. Free download at Github Releases.


Free on MIT

  • Record
  • Replay
  • Flow Dependency
  • Flow Parameterization
  • Step Assertion
  • Replay Reporting
  • Workspace Extensions

Commerical for Enterprise

  • Centralized Admin Server
  • Analyst
  • Data Matrix

You can learn more about each of these features within the documentation.


From package


Mac & Windows & Ubuntu are supported.

From source code


Node.js 12.11+ is required.

Create your first Test Case

  • Select the option to create a new workspace from the main page


  • Provide the name and location to create a new workspace

Create Workspace

  • Workspace created and opened, it's empty

Empty Workspace

  • Create first story

Create Story

  • A new story created accordingly

Workspace with a story

  • Right click story, create first flow

Create Flow

  • A new flow created accordingly

Workspace with a flow

  • You can compose the flow by recording, replaying or manually editing test steps. For now, let's quickly generate the test script using record. Simply give url of your web page

Give URL

  • Click record button to launch the built-in chromium browser. Actions performed on the browser will be captured and generated into test steps

Built-in Chronmium

On Record

  • Let's create a simple script by going to Yandex and searching for some keywords as illustrated on the screen above


– Click stop button to stop recording, captured actions are generated into Last-Hit

Stop Record

– Now click replay button, and get replay summary

Replay Summary

Congratulations! You have just successfully created and rerun your first test case.

Above workspace can be found on last-hit-aab/a-demo.
For further instructions and help, please refer to Last-Hit User Guide.

Resources for Learning last-hit